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A New Challenge: Red Arbor acquires 70 % of Computrabajo.com
26 may 2014
A New Challenge: Red Arbor acquires 70 % of Computrabajo.com I like big challenges, building difficult things, and global projects with the potential to grow and become leaders in their respective markets. With Anuntis the challenge was to transform the company and become a leader in the classifieds market in one country.
InfoJobs Brazil. The keys of a successful case
3 april 2014
InfoJobs Brazil. The keys of a successful case I believe that when a project goes wrong it’s important to study the reasons so we can learn from our errors and improve. But I also believe that when things go right it’s good to analyze and understand the keys that led you to success. And that's what I would like to share today.
Building again: Red Arbor is born
28 february 2014
Building again: Red Arbor is born When I finished my period in Anuntis, I thought I was going to need some time off to rest and think. Some would call it a “sabbatical year". But I found myself with a great desire to start over again, this time with more scars but also with more experience. After thinking about what I really wanted to do I set myself two goals: 1. To assist and guide young entrepreneurs. 2. To build a new company. It’s from these two ideas that "Red Arbor" is born.
Pride, gratitude, but also some sadness
5 july 2013
Pride, gratitude, but also some sadness After 30 exciting and intense years as president and CEO of Anuntis, today I take a big step. It’s a planned and much meditated decision, but still, as you can imagine, I have a mixture of feelings right now, that I would define as pride, gratitude and sadness.
The Presentation of “The Conviction”
18 february 2013
The Presentation of “The Conviction” A few days ago, I officially presented my book “The Conviction” in the Cultural Zone in the Corte Inglés, accompanied by Jordi Nadal, director of “Platforma Editorial". It was an informal occasion, and the perfect excuse to celebrate the publishing of my entrepreneurial story, surrounded by family, friends and colleagues.
The Conviction. (A gentle synonym of obstinacy)
30 november 2012
I began working very young and ever since then I have given my heart and soul to this business: or should I say, have spent a lot of my time to build but very little to explain. Of late, various forums have asked me to talk about my experience and the journey I have encountered. To some extent, speaking about this journey has made me realise how much it has inspired a lot of people. Alas, after being around as an entrepreneur for almost 30 years, I have been persuaded to share those reflections.

David González Castro

Is an entrepreneur in Internet business, co-founder of Anuntis, Spain’s leading Internet-based classifieds company, and founder of Infojobs in Brazil.


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La Convicción (Un sinónimo suave de obstinación)

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