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Recruit buys Glassdoor: The online employment sector is concentrated?

10 de mayo de 2018

Recruit, a Japanese human resources company, owner of Indeed, has announced that it will buy Glassdoor for 1.2 billion dollars. A news of great importance for the online job market: Indeed, leader in the world acquires another of the most important players, especially with great influence in the United States, where it has a great growth and is already number 2.

We do not know if in the future they will merge the two portals, but, in any case, with this movement, Indeed extends its leadership worldwide, and is clearly committed to quality and Human Resources tools. In this aspect, Glassdoor is the one that has most innovated in recent years. In 2008, it was among the first to include the opinions of companies by employees and former employees, and to sell the advantages of Employer Branding for companies.

In the last year, the online employment sector has been closely following the entry of Microsoft (with the purchase of Linkedin), Google and Facebook. This is one of the first strategic reactions that are produced to face this threat. The strategy of Recruit is undoubtedly aimed at differentiating itself from these great players by providing greater qualitative value to both companies and candidates.

For more than 1 year we have been working in this direction in Redarbor. Being the leading online employment exchange in Latin America, we decided to collect the evaluations of the candidates from Computrabajo + Infojobs in Brazil, which already have millions of companies evaluated and more than 15 million opinions. The transformation of the labor market is a reality and the candidate has now become the client and can increasingly choose in which company he wants to work. Evaluations are a resource that allows the most attractive recruitment companies to excel and facilitates the fit of these with the best prepared candidates.

With this purchase, the domain of the market is even more concentrated in the hands of 3 large groups worldwide. Indeed is the number one in the UK, the United States and Western Europe (with the exception of Spain), Seek is the leader in Australia, Southeast Asia and China, and Redarbor ranks as the 3rd largest group of online job banks in the world, leading Clearly the Latin American market with CompuTrabajo and InfoJobs in Brazil. Leadership that is based on the more than 50 million registered candidates and an extraordinary recognition of the brand, which places CompuTrabajo as the most sought after word of employment in Spanish in the world, according to Google.

David González Castro

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