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Redarbor, the third best company to work for in Spain, according to GPTW

26 de marzo de 2018
Redarbor, the third best company to work for in Spain, according to GPTW

For another year we have received excellent news from Great Place to Work.  For the third consecutive year Redarbor is among the 50 best companies to work for in Spain and, last Thursday, March 22 at the Best Workplaces Gala, we were informed that Redarbor is the 3rd Best Company to work for in Spain (50-100 employees).

This recognition is directly related to the results of the internal surveys that we do regularly and that has gone up, year after year, since we started to use this tool to improve the degree of satisfaction on how Redarbor works.

This year, participation has reached 100% and 99% of the people who work at Redarbor agree that it is an excellent place to work. The overall average of the results in the Great Place to Work survey has also increased every year. We have gone from 90% on average in 2015 to 91% in 2016 and, in this year 2017, we have already reached 94%.

At Redarbor, we know very well the importance of working with a high degree of satisfaction. In fact, our mission as a company is to help people find a job and improve their professional career.  The companies that take care of the people that work for them increase their competitiveness and have more capacity to keep the best talent.

Without doubt, these results are directly the result of the collaboration and involvement of each one of the people working in Redarbor who, with their suggestions, make working here every day a little better.

It is a privilege to have count on people who enjoy their work and who always give their best.

David González Castro

Emprendedor e inversor en negocios de Internet, fundador de Redarbor, empresa líder en bolsas de empleo en Latinoamérica, fundador de InfoJobs en Brasil y cofundador de Anuntis (fotocasa.es, segundamano.es, coches.net, motos.net,…)


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